Blogs (for Beginners)

Bertie Wooster, perhaps one of the greatest Englishmen who never lived, often had the problem when narrating his adventures of how to deal separately with those readers who knew all the back story, and the newcomers who needed more explanation. You see, if he didn’t fill in the back story for his readers,

those publicans who weren’t hanging on my lips the first time are apt to be fogged. Whereas, if before kicking off I give about eight volumes… other bimbos who were so hanging, will stifle yawns and murmur ‘Old stuff. Get on with it'”.

The Code of the Woosters

He hit on a formula to resolve this dilemma.

The only way out that I can think of is to ask the old gang to let their attention wander for a bit – there are heaps of things they can be doing; washing the car, solving the crossword puzzle, taking the dog for a run – while I place the facts before the newcomers.

Much Obliged, Jeeves

Now, I have no interest in giving you my back story, but it occurs to me that not everyone will be au fait with blogging. I’m pretty comfortable with it. But then I had an Amstrad computer to play with before I started school, a Sega Mega Drive and PC later on, and could make my way around the internet before I needed to shave. Younger kids are even more tech-savvy. My little sister could work a DVD player when she was about 3 years old. The way things are going, I confidently predict that children born a hundred years from now will emerge from the womb able to see the Matrix.

For those who are happy about blogging basics, I apologize. As Bertie said, let your attention wander. But I want to take this opportunity to explain a few things to the uninitiated.

A blog – short for web log – is a website where you can ‘post’ content for all to see; be that text, photos, music or videos. Think of it as an online diary/photo album/newspaper all in one, that anyone can make, for free if they want. ‘Posts’ are often in reverse-chronological order – that is the oldest stuff is at the bottom and the newest at the top, which can be a bit confusing.

You may also notice that some of the words are underlined. If you pass over that word, your mouse cursor should change from an arrow to a little hand with the index ginger pointing out (on my Windows machine at least). If you left-click the underlined word, your screen will be taken to another page I’ve linked to. That page might be a further explanation of what I’m talking about, or a place to buy the book or film I’m referring to. Often it will just be a bit of fun.

I hope that may clear some things up.


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