Random Thoughts for the Day

Today’s been very bitty, so so shall be this post.

I started off by seeing my little sister in her first Table Tennis tournament. She looked pretty nervous (she’s only 9), but I would be in that situation at that age. It was great to see some of the more confident kids playing – I’m not sporty but it’s good to have a hobby that you can really dedicate to and become good at.

I then popped along to the Lamb Feast, a local summer fair with various stalls for local civic groups, food vendors and fair games. While I stood munching on a very delicious lamb burger (complete with mint sauce and stuffing) there was a parade of vintage cars driving past. As well as the Fords and Daimlers, there were a few old British marques like Triumph and Austin.

Britain’s car industry is actually doing really well – we are exporting more cars than ever recorded. Of course many of the cars we do make are not British brands, but – whether they are Chinese, Japanese, everybody wash your knees – they are built by British workers in British factories. And many British brands are going strong even if they are owned by foreign firms.

There is a lesson here. We shouldn’t be too nationalistic when it comes to companies. British Leyland was British, but not always a great firm. These foreign owners have turned some of these firms around.

Still, it’s a shame that that aren’t more British-owned British-made cars.


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