Let the Music Play!

I have just caught an episode of the Daily Politics show. There was an item on the restriction on ice cream vans* playing their music.

The reporter pointed out that no other vendors can use music in public to advertise their wares, and that we wouldn’t want to go back to Victorian times, where people would be out shouting in the street trying to sell their goods.

I blow his argument out of the water with a single video**:


*If you want to know – ice cream van music can only be played from noon to 7pm, at a volume of less than 80 dB(A), with each burst of music being played for no longer than 4 seconds at a time, and occurring no more than once every 3 minutes. This blog is truly public service at its best.

**From the Oliver! film. The two Year 2 teachers at my first primary school are in this scene – they are two of the little school girls dressed in yellow who get pushed into the pond. Please forgive the Hungarian subtitles in the clip.


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