From Here to Eternity

A post-church pub discussion led to me and a friend speculating about Heaven.


It’s a subject that lends itself to speculation, as there is no hard-and-fast evidence that anyone can show you about what Heaven is like, or that it exists. Christians believe that its existence and certain other of its characteristics have been revealed to us from God, and we take these on faith. But there’s still an awful lot left hanging about what it’s like.

Some of the missing details I wondered about:

  • What’s the state of technology in Heaven? It says in the Bible that there are roads and gates, and other made things. Will there be televisions or kettles, sheds or computers? Will we have cars or planes to get about in – or will we be able to fly or teleport unaided?
  • Will all the works of art made over human history – be they books, or paintings, or films – be available to us in Heaven? Will we be able to get around to reading all the books we wished we’d read, or watch those TV shows that always clashed with other things? My friend thought not, as all human art will contain sinful things like death, hate and lust that will have no part in the new creation. I thought this was a shame, as often great art deals with nasty things.
  • Will we know everything in Heaven? It sounds nice if we did, but then we’d lose the thrill of discovery and scientific advancement and the hard but rewarding slog of reducing the extent of our ignorance.

You might think these are all trivial thoughts around such a big subject (- I suspect many more of you will think I’m deluding myself that such a place exists), for there are far more important questions, and there will be far greater things to concern ourselves with there, but these seem important to me. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll know one way or the other one day.


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