A Quick Note on Footnotes

You may have noticed in many of my post that I put a little asterisk* or two** by certain words or sentences.

*These are little footnotes where I expand on those certain words or sentences.  They may be further (or more technical) explanation of the main text, or a little digression. While they are very pertinent and interesting, they would distract from the flow of the writing – which is why they are relegated to the bottom of the page.

** Sometimes I end up with several of these footnotes***. For the sake of appearance, I’ve decided now to hide these under the fold. That is, when you reach the end of a post with footnotes, you’ll see a Continue Reading→ after the main body of the post but before the footnotes . If you click on this, you’ll then get taken to an expanded screen where you can read all the footnotes.

(Click below to test how it works:)

*** Well done. It worked.


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