Kings Club Feeds the Twenty One

I returned to Kings Club this afternoon, the afterschool club my church puts on for the parish school.

The children watched a cartoon, which depicted Jesus feeding the five thousand. After a busy day preaching to a large crowd, Jesus asks His disciples to feed the crowd. His disciples only have five loaves between them, there’s no way that could feed the thousands in the crowd!

Jesus takes the loaves and fishes, looks up to Heaven and prays. He then breaks the loaves and divides the fish, and hands them out to the multitudes. In total, five thousand eat their fill. Not only that, but twelve whole basketfuls of food are left over at the end.

I wish me and my Curate could have pulled off the same trick. We usually only get 12 kids, max. But 21 turned up today – and only a small packet of Chocolate Digestives and a bottle of orange squash to go around!


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