Learning on Roundabouts

A public service blog post today, folks. At the senescent age of 28, I’ve finally started to learn to drive. Today I tackled roundabouts. My instructor briefly explained the theory of how you should indicate depending on which exit you are taking. We then parked up by a roundabout and noticed that about a zillionth of actual drivers would pass the roundabout part of their driving test if they were tested. Most people simply didn’t indicate at all. So, in the service of better driving standards (and as a reminder to myself) I will here set out the correct way to tackle roundabouts. A useful mnemonic is Learning 0n Roundabouts, standing for Left, 0(zero), and Right – L0R. A diagram explaining how to indicate on roundabouts The diagram above is useful.

  • The blue car wants to take the 1st exit – the 1st letter in the mnemonic is L – so indicates Left on the approach to the roundabout and turns.
  • The red car wants to take the 2nd exit – the 2nd figure in the numeric is 0 – and so doesn’t indicate. Keeping on the outer lane of the roundabout, they indicate left only when passing the 1st exit, and proceed to take the 2nd exit.
  • The orange car wants to take the 3rd exit –the 3rd letter of the mnemonic is R -so keeps Right and indicates Right. When passing the exit before its own – they indicate left and take the turn. This procedure would apply for the 4th, 5th exits etc.

I’m sure you know all this – but as Samuel Johnson said, “Men more frequently require to be reminded than informed”. I was just surprised at how few people put it into practice.


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