Camera On Cameron

Speaking of egregious howlers committed to celluloid, Prime Minister David Cameron seems to have put his foot in it by ruling out a third term during a television interview*.

Everyone is now wondering whether he’ll be a lame-duck PM, and there’s even speculation about a Tory leadership contest.



Mr Cameron made his frank comments in an interview with the BBC. Viewers were treated to scenes of the PM making a meal in his designer kitchen, slicing up carrots, and talking with this beautiful wife; fueling speculation that the PM is bidding to become the new Jamie Oliver on retiring from politics.

*In his defence, political journalists always moan that politicians don’t give straight answers to straight questions. Mr Cameron has gone and given a straight answer and has caused an almighty hoo-hah. Any wonder politicians tend to be so evasive?

Further in his defence, it is probably a good idea that leaders don’t try to go on and on like Thatcher or Blair. It rarely does them much good. There’s a great deal of wisdom in the American system of limiting a President to two terms.


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